In Perfect Harmony


C lassics are things that stand the test of time. A vintage 1930's Dusenberg. A Rembrandt painting. A Stradivarius violin. Not only are these timeless works, they're a symbol for hard work, adherence to a personal vision and an unparalleled level of craftsmanship. To ask Tony Uythoven (pronounced eyet'hoven) what  "classic" means to him, he'd talk about music.

A Passion for Music

T o say that Tony has a passion for music is an understatement. For him, revered composers such as Bach, Beethoven and Brahms are not lost figures in history, they're master craftsmen whose work lives on. And whether he's listening to a symphony or playing a concerto on the piano, he fully understands that their music has stood the test of time because of the passion and skill that went into such memorable melodies. The way Tony approaches music says a lot about the way he approaches life. He understands the passion and hard work ethic of his favorite composers because this is exactly the amount of energy and effort he infused into his own musical studies. For Tony, this is his "classic" approach to life that's been the foundation to all his personal and professional successes.

A Natural Born

T his unique approach to life started when Tony was a boy, taking piano and organ lessons in his native Holland. He learned to read music quickly and his fingers felt at home on the keyboard. He was a real natural at performing, but what made him stand out was is genuine zeal for what he was doing and his determination to be the best he could be. As a classically trained pianist, Tony had aspirations for the music field, but the inability to continue his musical education during the chaos following World War II prompted him to pursue his other passion mathematics and engineering. Although he went on to a storied career in systems engineering, music has always been a significant part of his life.

A Classic Approach

N ever one to do things half way, Tony strives for excellence in every task. As a leading area businessman, this is certainly true when he approaches his clients' dreams, but it's also true in his wide variety of relaxing pastimes. When he's not busy serving his clients, he can be found spending a day on the beach, playing an occasional game of chess, enjoying a symphony or an evening at the theatre.

In Tune with His Clients

W here Tony's hard working, classic approach to life is making the most resonance, though, is in his career as a leading real estate professional. As a committed agent, Tony gives his all to helping his clients through one of the most important times in their lives. And because helistens carefully to their unique needs, he's truly in tune with his clients and can help them maximize their options when buying or selling.

evaluating home price
Tony works hard to make sure his clients have the most current market information.
During each phase of the real estate process, Tony prides himself on being in perfect harmony with his clients' goals and dreams. He works diligently to help them realize their dream of a timely and efficient'home sale or pur­chase. As a former director of marketing and sales in the defense and airline industries, Tony brings a wealth of knowledge and business experience to his clients' needs.

A Proven Professional

H is negotiating expertise gives buyers the advantage when getting the best value for a property. And his high-tech back­ground allows him to put together customized and technologically driven marketing plans that give homes maximum exposure.
If you are considering buying or selling a home, have questions about the local market or are relocating to the beautiful Greater Orlando area, call Tony today. He'll use A Classic Approach for Your Success and help you realize your real estate dreams.